Finally made an account. So to make things as short as possible, I've been "doing" JP90 for about a month and a half. Except I've cut down the volume to about half as many reps but I do the same exercises and general routine.

I had great success in the first two weeks. I had literally every + PI you could have; strong erections, low and fat flaccid hang, no pain or discomfort.

Fast forward to now, I have yet to replicate the flaccid hang I used to get when I first started. I just got done doing a session and my penis has turtled up. It usually turtles up prior to a session but through the day it is normal flaccid I would say. My erections however are still about a 8-9 on average. Today I reached a 9.5. I guess my question is one how do I replicate the flaccid hang again, and question two is would you say good EQ is a better PI than a low flaccid hang? Should I back off on my routine if I'm not getting good flaccid hang but still maintaining solid EQ?