So just wrapped up my 4th week on JP90 and have some questions regarding effective stretches and jelqing. Iíve found my flow to how the exercises are done however I wanted to know if Iím feeling what I should be and if I should change my stretches somewhat.

When it comes to jelqing I believe my EQ was a bit too low and recently focused on keeping it a bit higher at around 70%. When doing this I feel a bit of tension, almost uncomfortable, in the head of the penis as the blood is pushed there. Is this ideal? Any suggestions on the balance between an intense session vs pushing too far?

Also for stretching I currently hold a stretch up down left and right for 1 minute each followed by a one minute rotational stretch(no kegels). This is a bit different than what JP90 instructs so for month 2 come Monday I plan on transitioning to stretches that end in rotations for each direction. My question is are kegels necessary for length gains? I have noticed my flaccid length is already slightly larger and my eq is much higher on average.

Thanks for any responses.