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Measuring Flaccid Length!!!

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  • Measuring Flaccid Length!!!

    Ok. Now I would sometimes have a flaccid length of about 4-4.5 inches, but then on other times I have flaccid length a lot lower, lets say about 3-3.5 inches. What measurement would you accept as your true flaccid length? I turtle up, or get a lot smaller when walking, doing activities, stress and when in cold water. Apart from that I normally would have a length a bit more. Thanks.

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    Yeah i have often thought this and commonly vary from 4.5" to 7" flacid length and4" to 5" in girth .

    I have to say i tend to quote the situation where i have not been active have not beeen cold have not had a recent erection have not recently done pe . This gives about 6.25".

    Mind you i never concerned myself much with flacid size . The wife does say it looks macho to have large flacid though ans some girls like it. In general a lot of girls don't care and it is more a guy thing.


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      It doesn't really bother me too much, it's just out of curiousity as my flaccid seems to varie quite a bit, so wasn't sure to take the smaller measurement or not as true flaccid. It's no problem really.


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        I don't really see how you can get true accuracy and i think my method is as good as any . I use bone pressed measure but like i said there are so many variables .

        It can give a guide to how pe is going so it can be used as a pi .


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          I agree with Pegasus and my flaccid length varies as well. Sometimes I cant get the burrito back in the cage after taking a leak with a simple pull back and other times it's no problem. Sometimes I got to rest it on the toilet seat to keep it from dredging the bottom of the commode, other times it's not an issue.
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            Thanks for the reply guys. I measured my'n non bone pressed. I don't really care about my flaccid, it was mainly out of curiousty as I don't change in the nude in front of people or nothing anyway, never have done. It's not really out of insecurity, it's just I feel uncomfortable changing in front of other men. If it was a changing room full of women i'll be taking it out straight away LMAO


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              I always thought this too! I don't see the point in measuring flaccid. Irrespective of my PE gains, flaccid mine usually goes back to the size of a grape during the day.

              I don't think that's turtling either, after a PE workout it usually hangs much lower and is quite healthy looking.