Hey guys, Iíve been lurking around the forums for a while.
I first arrived in December of 2015 and have been on and off PE but never really committed. I think when I first started I did it for 2 months or so before I started measuring every day and got frustrated despite gaining .3 in girth and .25 in length.
With that said Iím kind of upset that I havenít been doing it for those 2 and a half years because now that Iím going into sophomore year of college(I took a gap year) I could really use that... oh well I guess itís better late than never.

Anyway I have a bruise from doing pe on my penis from a half a year or so ago that seems to still be somewhat sensitive when I masterbate. Iím hoping it wonít be too much of a problem during PE and that for the most part Iíll just work through it. But I really would like to get rid of it because it can be bothersome.
It looks like a burst capillary only bigger, like I said, a bruise.

Do yíall have any advice on how to get rid of this? I started 2 weeks ago @ 6.5 x5.3
I ended my last Pe phase at 6.7 and 5.5 but I lost a quarter inch in both. So far bruise hasnít been an impediment.