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  • Wrong measure method?

    My penis is 7.3'' bpel (when I press ruller against pubic bone as hard as possible), 5.5'' nbpel (huge fat pad?). EG is 5.1'' (tight fit of paper, I don't squeeze hard because my erection quality is bad).

    No matter how I observe my penis (mirror or photos), I feel my penis is very thin and short unless I push fat pad with my fingers. In this case it doesn't look so short but still looks thin.

    Is it because I measure incorrectly and my real stats are significantly lower?

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    Your perception of your penis being "very thin and short" is exactly that -- your perception. Because we are all different, an objective way of measuring is using BPEL.

    What are you height and weight?


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      You are measuring correctly. Just about every guy thinks that their penis looks smaller than it actually is.
      To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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        Originally posted by BU_Terrier7x6 View Post

        What are you height and weight?
        5'11 barefoot morning height, 5'10'' barefoot lowest height after long standing. 255 pounds. I have some meat (especially on the legs) but definitely too much bodyfat (and huge fat pad in the pubic area).


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          I lost like 60 lbs and the look down there changed around 0.5-0.75 inches. You got a good above average unit man, getting rid of the fat pad is a lot easier than gaining 0.75 inches


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            Last time I was reasonable fit (no visible abs though) I was 15. I recall I measurred about 5.5'' nbpel (I didn't know about bpel). I don't know how thick my fat pad was back then... It was propably medium size. I don't really know what to expect. I'm on the way to loosing excesive bf but I'm afraid I need to achieve very low number (at least 10%) to reduce fat pad from 2'' to 0.5''. It won't be easy for me.


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              I'm in the same boat I too have a 2" fat pad, my bpel and npel are both about the same as yours but I'm thicker so that makes me look even shorter. If I can ever find the extra cash I'll likely get smart lipo done on my fat pad.