This week will see the completion of a full jp90 routine, with a one week break due to illness. As for results, I seem to have a very SLIGHTLY larger flaccid hang but that's the only visual difference I've seen. My EQ seems better on weekends when I'm not training, but one thing I have noticed is my refractory period is down to about 15-20 minutes from before, where it was more along the lines of 30-45.

I'm now seeking advice on how to proceed, including possibly enrolling in MECoach.

My primary goal is to correct a congenital (not peyronie's-related) curvature that is at its most pronounced when semi erect and flaccid.

Additional length is the secondary goal. From all I've read of people's results it seems that those who have gained from PE generally have achieved between 1 and 2 extra inches, which I'd absolutely welcome and am willing to work for.

My research points to investing in an extender as that has led to the best results from the slim amount of data I was able to find on men who corrected their curvature. Any FIRSTHAND accounts from guys who have accomplished this are welcome and I'd love a detailed description of how you did it.

My main questions now are, which extender works best to straighten a penis, and which manual exercises will best compliment what I'm trying to do? My reasoning is, while trying to become straighter, I want to at least guarantee I get bigger.