Yesterday, I decided to start on the JP90 training routine as listed in the beginner forums here. The experience was amazing.

The warm up is pretty simple:

1) Warm dat dick up!
2) Hold penis at base with ok grip and do 20 helicopters to the left and then 20 to the right.
3) Grip penis right under the head and stretch to the left and then right while performing 25 kegels on each side.
4) Stretch the penis in a crank motion 10x to the left and then 10x to the right while holding the penis stretched out under glans

To ensure I had the proper blood flow I repeated this series 3x. I also used my Bathmate Hercules 3x for 5 minutes each session.

After pumping, I completed 150 Wet Jelqs and 90 V-jelqs which lead to a semi erect state. Doing my jelqs while in this state felt amazing. I could certainly feel the blood flowing to my dick and pleasant sensations in my prostate. There were a few minutes that almost made me nut.

Since I read as well that edging helps with PE, I decided to edge after yesterday's session. I was able to edge long but when I came it was explosive and felt amazing. I'm sure thisis why my cockrings are currently broken.

Today's session wasn't like yesterday's, but it also wasn't horrible. However, I wish that every time you perform PE work that you could replicate the results.

Nonetheless, I plan on sharing my experiences with this process over the next 90 days with you guys.

I don't plan on posting pix because my camera is shit but I will certainly share my experience with you all.

Final thoughts:

Do you guys know any routines I can start after JP90?

Also, can someone please demonstrate the reverse kegel?

Thanks for reading and supporting.

Best regards,