Hey guys!

So I've been trying my best to stick to JP90's routine. I'm 1 week in but only have 3 REAL jelq days under my belt and I'm already experiencing some redness on my glans, almost like a burn spot, that's really sensitive to the touch. I kinda feel it slightly in other places but not nearly as much as one spot on the top, just on the connecting skin from shaft to glans. After reading the PI's post on PEGym, I noticed there were some example stories of guys leaving their dicks alone and turning a negative PI (or a neutral) into a booming positive PI.

Is that something I should do? I feel like I should power through it maybe? Like a "No pain no gain" mentality because I've only jelqed for 3 days and it feels like I'm already out of the game.

Any advice? Is it okay to sit and not do anything until it heals or is that hurting my gains?

The routine I do is as follows:
1. 10 minute warmup with a wet cloth in a hot shower (hot water bombarding the wet cloth while it's wrapped around my penis)
2. The recommended stretches for JP90 (starting and ending with helicopter shakes)
3. apply vaseline
4. Alternating Wet jelqing and V-jelqing for a total of 150 wet jelqs and 90 V-jelqs as per instructed
5. 10 minute warmdown (should this be a cooldown btw?)

My EQ is good. I edged a bit today before noticing the red spot and then I stopped immediately to come post this and haven't proceeded with anything yet.