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EQ after PE is low

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  • EQ after PE is low

    This is the end of my first week on a PE program.
    Heres my program:
    - 15 minutes of warm-up
    - Manual stretching from JP90 repeat 2 twice.
    - 10 minutes of Jelq
    - 15 minutes of edging
    - sometimes 10 minutes of cool down.

    Now the problem lies in the edging. My EQ when edging in the routine is pretty bad around a 5. But when I'm doing the edging outside of the program Its about a 9 or 8.

    What's causing this, and is this a problem?

    Thank you.

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    Your penis is exhausted. If you work out hard at the gym, don't you go home exhausted?
    Edging brings blood back into your penis. My EQ is always bad after working out but will be back to normal the morning after. Hasn't stopped me from gaining.


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      I never have EQ problems after doing a PE routine. Maybe you need to scale it back?
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        Both, extending and hanging, seem to effect eq. Ultimate Burrito experienced this in his log, and he said something like its a small price to pay for the gains. His Eq went back up after he stopped the extending.

        my eq has been down since hanging. Im not saying its the cause because it could be other factors.
        I measured 6 1/4 before starting PE back inAugust. I think I measured 6 1/2 as well. 16 years ago when I did Pe I had 6 1/2 written down in my log, then when I started back in September I write down 6 1/2.

        For a while I thought I was exaggerating 6 1/4 because the biggest I got was 6 1/8 for maybe five weeks? , it was like my mind was playing tricks on me, and I started to actually believe I was lying to myself about 6 1/4 because I didnt see it. well i took two days off and that morning had a raging hard on and 6 1/4 showed up. So in My pe log I put starting measurement was 6 1/8, when it was more like 6 1/4, and I havent seen 6 1/4 for a while.
        Pe log


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          Originally posted by incogneeetoe View Post
          I never have EQ problems after doing a PE routine. Maybe you need to scale it back?
          I didn't know EQ was supposed to be high after routines. You gained all of your size with a lighter routine? Personally for me, im borderline overtraining and enough to get another routine in the next day. My EQ isn't great (Its a 6) after my workouts, but pushing hard was the only way I gained. Unless most of your routine is girth work, then that's different.


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            My EQ drops after PE. But the next day, it is insane, higher than baseline. Just a tired penis, that's all. At least with girth routines.
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