Hello All,

Just started a modified version of the JP 90 routine tailored to my needs based on the TGC Theory.

Overall my flaccid length has increased by 1.5”, flaccid girth has increased by .3”, and my EQ has gone from a ~7.5 to a 10 within 2 weeks of 4 on 2 off. My flaccid junk is extremely plump and visibly veiny.

I needed to gain a slight bit of smooth muscle as my EQ was 7-8 and my BPFSL was .5” longer than my BPEL.

My routine consisted of:

Heating bathroom to 80 degrees
10 minutes warmup with very hot towel
During this warmup period I would do 10 10 second kegals, 5 10 second reverse kegals, 20 5 second kegals and 10 10 second reverse kegals.

After the warmup:
JP 90 stretch routine verbatim except I would make each individual circle stretch last about 10 seconds, hardly using any force during the stretch, the entire stretching routine took nearly 20 mins.

After stretch routine:
50 wet jelqs at ~60% erection level
Each jelq with each individual hand would take ~8 seconds, I did it verrrry slow with a light grip
In between every individual jelq movement I would stop just before the gland and place the other hand at the base and squeeze both hands lightly and hold for 5 full seconds then let go at the glans and continue up with the second hand
So a total of 100 single hand 8 second jelqs and 100 5 second light squeezes
Next v jelqs ~75% erection level, I would sit on the toilet seat for this and get comfortable ensuring no muscles in my legs were flexed and the pelvic floor was relaxed, I would do 60 v jelqs pulling straight up toward my belly button, ensuring you are starting from the very base and stopping just before the gland, not pulling straight out. Each individual jelq would take 6 seconds, when I would reach the top I would hold it for 5 seconds then start up with the second hand while simultaneously letting go of the hand at the top. So a total of 120 single hand v jelqs and 120 5 second holds just below the glands
Next I would wash off to get the lube off my junk and move onto the last workout, flaccid bends, I would get to ~60% erection level then place two fingers at the base to the left of my junk and bend my junk over them and hold for 20 seconds with a good stretch and good bend, followed by right, up, and down. Then I would repeat the whole thing with 3 fingers, then 4 fingers.
Lastly a very hot 10 minute warm down.
The entire routine should take a little over an hour.

During this workout I felt no pain and no soreness, afterwards my penis would be very tired, I could get to 90% erection immediately afterward but I could not hold it for long.

When I went to bed I would do bed fowfers (where you tuck your junk between your thigh and left nut and stretch it to your butt cheeks, not a hard stretch, just a good enough to make sure it won’t slip out, hold it there with your thighs closed and go to sleep. Your sack should still be in front of your thighs, make sure it isn’t compressed.

During the day I would do seated fowfers, same thing as in the bed and just keep it tucked under your butt. The point is to keep your junk in a pumped up flaccid state and prevent it from turtling so it continues to get nutrients through the blood.

Every time I use the bathroom, afterwards I will do a 20 second stretch down left and right while doing quick kegals, after that I did 10 10 second reverse kegals.

I am taking men’s daily vitamins, super b complex, and L citruline (more effective than L arginine)

For lube I use Johnson and Johnson baby gel

At my 6 week mark I plan to do 15 circle stretches in each direction instead of 10 and incorporate a jelqing device after v jelqs for 30 reps, increasing to 60 reps at the 10 week mark (JP says he can attribute most of his girth gains to a jelqing device and recommends waiting til the 6 week mark)

Starting stats:
BPEL 6.75”
BPFSL 7.25”
MSEG 4.8”
Base 5.1”
EQ 7.5/10

MSEG 5.7”
Base 6”