Hey I would also highly recommend you do JP90 first. I understand you want to gain girth, which tend to be more advanced excercises than length. After JP90 you can more comfortably incorporate ULIs, squeezes, clamping, and/or other girth directed excercises.

If you're looking to keep sessions short, I too would highly recommend the bathmate. I know you don't want any tools, but the truth is when your not shy or nervous about these things, and you just "wear it loud and proud" so to speak, being open about your PE or devices doesnt matter and you dont have to hide them or be self conscious about their use.

Maybe this isnt the case for you, you just dont want to spend money or wanna keep it manual. But just thought Id give my 2 cent on that part. I became pretty open about my PE and wanting to achieve the 8x6, and honestly most of my friends have ended up very interested asking a lot of questions about it. When your like "yeah Ive actually gained a half inch in length and width really quick", all dudes want that.

As for women, I get good reactions. Dont be weird or creepy about it, but when it comes up its like, "well, women do kegels and buy vibrators and dildos right?" And their like yea, "well I do excercises myself to improve my sex life as well, and added benefit has been that Ive gotten bigger"

Anyway, JP90 to condition, then onto advanced girth routines and/or a bathmate.