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    Hello! I am new to the forum, although I have been reading up and experimenting over the last 2 month or so, and was hoping for a bit of advice on routine ideas from some of the more experienced members on here to make sure I'm on the right track.

    I'm at a starting point, if I'm measuring correctly, of BPEL 6.25" and EG of around 5". I've been trying to think of a realistic goal and was thinking something around the 7-8" mark for BPEL and maybe 6-6.25" mark for EG. I want to be careful as I like to be quite dominant in bed and have on occasion had to steady myself after a girl has said that it's 'too much'; I don't want penis size to become a limiting factor in not being able to fuck hard. Another goal is to increase my BPFL, I don't know where I measure at the moment if I'm honest - but I am a grower, and have on occasion been a bit apprehensive to strip off at a minutes notice in a non-sexual context for fear of being judged - it would be nice to not have to worry about that and be pretty liberal with my body.

    So, there are my goals. For the past two months I've been following the JP90 routine, although probably only about 3-4 times a week as I'm very busy with work and I live in a house share with some pretty close friends that don't understand boundaries (or knocking!). I feel as though I'm relatively conditioned now, and anecdotally, I've noticed what feels like a minor increase in length (can't really tell for girth) and harder erections. I basically want to build a proper routine that can fit into my schedule, that doesn't take too much time and will produce permanent gains; so here I am to have it judged!

    I just got a BM Hydromax so would like to incorporate all my PE into my morning shower routine, and due to being busy am thinking about ordering a Phallosan Forte in a month or two, when money allows, as I hear I can wear it at night and feel as though this is going to be the easiest thing to stick to long term.

    So basically there are two routines that I would like to suggest, one to start immediately and one to start in a month or two with the PF. Alongside both of these I will Kegel when I remember to do it. Seems to fit quite nicely into my 20min drive to work, so I've been doing roughly 20-30 long 10s holds and about 50 shorter 2s holds concentrating on intensity five days a week.

    Routine 1 (Starting immediately) - Five days a week, with the occasional day off if I have any company that night:
    - 5 min BM warm up.
    - Stretching - Will just try out a few of the beginner stretches (like the one I've been doing on the JP90 routine) - any suggestions for exercises or rep numbers etc. would be really helpful here.
    - 50 jelqs (Increasing to 100 after a few weeks)
    - 5 min BM
    - 100 jelqs
    - 5 min BM

    Routine 2 (Starting when I get the PF) - 5 days on, 2 days off:
    Morning shower:
    - 5 min BM warm up
    - 100 jelqs
    - 5 min BM
    - 100 jelqs
    - 5 min BM
    At night:
    - PF for the whole time I am asleep (Usually 6:30-8 hrs)

    So yeah, my questions are as follows:
    - Do my goals seem realistic?
    - Does my plan for a (either) routine seem legit? or would you change it in any way? (Please remember that I don't have much time and so that is a really limiting factor)
    - Any suggestions for particular stretching exercises and rep numbers to fit into my routine without the PF?
    - Ultimately I would like to get to a stage where I don't have to commit any time at all to PE. In this case, what can I expect to see in terms of permanent gains, say 6 months after stopping, or a couple of years? Will I eventually revert back to my original size? or will I need to do a couple of hundred jelqs once a week, or the BM for 3 sets of 5 mins once a week to keep myself there?

    Thanks in advance to any suggestions! any very happy to be a new member on this forum!


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      Welcome to the forum!

      Your goal are not impossible, there are some guys have made those kind of gains. Gaining an inch in length is very doable but to gain the other 3/4 inch to reach 8 inches will most likely take you a lot more work and time. Gaining 1 - 1 1/2 inches in girth is also not impossible but it normally takes a lot more work and time than length. Over time and as you gain it will begin to slow and you will have to work harder and longer to see even smaller gains. This is where a lot off guys will quit and the that are determined to keep going are the ones who make the big gains. The other factor on how much someone will gain is their own physiology. Some are easy gainers and some have a hard time making even small gains. With a good mindset, determination and the willingness to be in it for the long haul there is a good possibility to reach your high end goals. The only thing I would say is that you set your girth goals a little lower. When you reach that goal you can always set another one.

      With your time constraints and privacy issues I think your routine plans look reasonable.

      The amount of reps for stretching and jelqing is something that you are going to get a feel for. Start off light and work your way up with the time you have available.

      Stick with the basic stretching for now and later on when you hit a plateau you can change it up to some of the more advanced exercises.

      If you abruptly stop you will likely loose some of your gains. To make them permanent you reach your goals you will need to go through a cementing period. It also wouldn't hurt to do an occasional maintenance routine.
      To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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        Thanks, Cavalier!

        I think I would be happy with the lower end of my goals to be honest, so sounds like the length at least is a good point to aim for. Will reassess my EG goal. I got my BM a few days ago and after a 3x5 min session I measured MEG of 6", and it just felt pretty big in my hand so thought about that as a goal. Maybe will aim for 5.5-5.75" instead.

        Regarding making gains permanent with cementing, I'll research that more when I'm in a position to cement!

        I did have one more questions. I don't know if you're a BM user too (or anyone else that reads this) but how much pressure should you aim for? Should you be aiming for quite a high pressure eventually? After the initial conditioning period of course.

        Thanks very much!


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          The amount of pressure you use is something else you will need to build up over time.Start off low to see how your penis is going to react to it and go from there. Keep an eye on your Physiological Indicators (PI's), they will tell you if you are overworking it. You should also go to the START HERE! link at the top of the page and do plenty of reading. In there you will find some of the essential information you will need to get safely started off.
          To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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            Im also new in PE (5weeks). Started to use BM straight away. All this time i did 3 x5min sets, at about 80%pressure (its what i feel cause no pressure gauge). Didnt feel good expansion at all and i kept getting blisters, so last week changed my routine. I do 3x10min sets. First 8mins i pump at %65 pressure, and last 2 i slowly increase to 90-95. Then slowly release it. Dont feel tired after sets, no blisters, and BEG expansion 0.2. And all this done after JP90. (After stretch, before jelq i pump 10min aswell).
            Thie routine requires 2hours. I know its a lot, hope after conditioning i find shorter routines.