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  • taking accurate measurements

    How do you guys go about making sure your measurements are always accurate, and what is your take on measuring different lengths at different times?

    I measured myself in the past and generally come out at exactly 6" almost every time. Measured after deciding to start here and tried to be as accurate as poss, apparently I'm 6.1" BPEL. Measured 2 days later and it's 6.5" BPEL (no joke, but was 100% hard). I'm not really surprised, and it makes sense that it's going to come out with slight differences each time. But half an inch is quite significant variation...

    Time to measure 30 times and take mean & standard deviation... if this second measure of mine took place a few months later I could have been posting in the success forums about how I gained half an inch.

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    I know mine differs because of how excited I am when I measure. Probably what is happening with you.
    Initial 1/5/18
    BPEL: 6.75-7"
    EG: 5.25- 5.5
    results 9/10/18
    BPEL 22.22 cm - 8.75 in
    EG 5.75 mid girth and 6.12 base.


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      see if this helps any,
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        That difference can be explained either by measuring differently or, most likely, a difference in your EQ.
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          I measure bone pressed with a wood ruler right over the top of my penis pushing into the pubic bone. I kegel as hard as I can and hold it while pressing the ruler in as hard as I can, and take a picture from about the same height and keeping everything straight. I use these pictures to keep track of my gains and it's really much more valuable to me than a number in a spreadsheet. I've uploaded some of these into a progress album if you want to see my methodology.

          In the past I've used a silicone cockring to max out my EQ during this, but it seems like just holding a kegel is easier and works better. I don't even try measuring anymore if I don't have a 9/10 EQ day. It's fighting an uphill battle without your body on your side, which is why I ditched the cockring idea.

          I end up taking several pics and within this batch the measurements can vary up to 1/8 inch even under these ideal circumstances. On a low EQ day, I can be up to 1/4" shorter if I measure on a whim. But when I get my max BPEL measurement on a good EQ day I know for sure it's as far as I can reach and I'm not leaving any length on the table. This removes any doubt over whether or not a future gain is real or not, because if it exists in these conditions it must be real.

          For girth I hold a kegel again and use a tailor's tape, but it seems like there's more guesswork based on how you hold the tape and how much slack you give it.
          BPEL-MSEG in inches (fatpad 1.0)
          Jun '16: 6.0 - 5.0 (ballpark)
          Apr '17: 6.5 - 5.3
          Jan '18: 7.0 - 5.4
          Sep '18: 7.5 - 5.5
          Current: 7.8 - 5.6
          Goal__: 8.0 - 5.6 (I'm stuck in a plateau)

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            Measure under as identical scenarios as you can manage using the same methods each time. This will give you the most consistency.
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              I forget which forum it was on, but it was about not taking pics. The idea was to use video. Start a video recording, do your thing and then pickup the phone and film the final result. Then use screen cap. As someone who suffers from “photo anxiety,” this made sense to me.