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To each his own, but I can assure you it's for real. At least for some of us. I'm 27 days in without pmo and I've never felt so fucking good in my life. I'm happy. My depression is gone. I can actually sit down and enjoy myself. When I'd beat my dick to porn I couldn't enjoy anything and I was so depressed all of the time. I feel confident. I'm motivated. My social anxiety is gone. I had porn induced erectile dysfunction and now my boners are back to normal. My sex drive is back to normal. Ironically when I'd beat off to porn I had zero sex drive and I had zero interest in talking to girls. The list goes on man.

I'm not knocking you for your opinion. If you can watch porn and beat off and have no negative consequences then that's amazing, but it absolutely ruined my fucking life. There really is science to it if you're interested. I couldn't believe it myself. My life was absolutely fucking miserable and I would always think "there is no way that jerking off to porn can have this much of an effect on my life." Every single time I'd quit after I got through the first few weeks I could not believe how much better I felt. I'd always go back to porn because I wasn't quitting the right way, but I finally found the right way to quit and like I said I can't believe how much better my life is. I'm doing PE again, lifting weights, eating healthy and bulking, and I'm doing much more to improve my life. I'm doing things that I just wouldn't be doing if I were still fapping to porn. I truly haven't been this happy in at least 10 fucking years.

If you're simply talking about masturbation without porn then yeah that's different. There's absolutely nothing wrong with masturbation, but when porn enters the picture that's when things can go very wrong. Not always, but definitely a lot of the time. The only problem with masturbation when you're quitting porn is it can tempt you into getting back into fapping to porn. It gives you that chaser effect. Anyway, that's just my experience. NoFap may seem silly, but if you were to give it a shot you just may be surprised at the results.
thank you for your story sir, so inspirational, and yeah i realized that porn is really bad and feel more commit to stay away from it, God bless