I think that I've read that article when I started my little experiment. I'm sorry not to take it much more longer, but my sex drive is killing me. I can basically masturbate 4-5 times a day all in top 10 EQ. Anyway I checked my gains this morning and 0,5 cm is still there without the balooning stuff so I've contribute them to my consistency of one month without missed workout and better EQ.

My best advice that I can give from the whole thing is stick to some basis, but don't be afraid also to experiment. I've was thinking a lot about big gainers. Since we are all as much individually different as we can be the basis that should be common to anyone is :

1. warm ups - the longer the better, no injuries etc
2. consistency - to try and to come back every time we fail
3. visualization of your work and focus.
4.listening to your body- because it's writes his own theory's every day
5. moving foward, doing small changes, always progressing

Anything other falls in to individual category part. Some can report gains to edgeing, some swear to cool downs, warm downs. Some of us need 20 min jelqing every day, other progressive routines etc. Even the TCG theory that's a good theory in the end is just a theory, practice is that leads to gains.

I think that my tunica is the limit, but i seams to benefit from jelqing. When I do my stretches I do not get the stretch that I would like, like some kind of cord is in my penis that limit's the stretch. So to me, sticking to mainly stretching ( TCG ) wouldn't be much beneficial.

I hope you get the point, and you are not disappointed withe the whole thread.