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Can i gain more?

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  • Can i gain more?

    Hi everyone, this is my story:

    I started jelqing 7 months ago, at start i do 100 jelqs a day, 5 days on 2 off and i do it in 3 months cycle than i take week off

    Last month i added s2s stretches started with 100 in the morning

    For now my routine looks like this:

    in the morning 400 s2s (4x100 with 1 min rest), in the evening i warm up for 5 mins and than do basic stretches for 10 mins after that i start jelqing for 500 repetitions (2x250) for about 45 mins than i do warm down, i do it in 12 weeks with 1 week off (with increasing repetitions in time) my goal is 600 jelqs and 1000 s2s stretches

    I gained 2 - 2.5 cm and im realy happy with results

    But my question is: Is that too much, do i need more rest, would i have more gains if i do 6 week on 1 week off instead of 3 months on 1 week off, and is it a lot to work more than hour per day? All suggestions are welcome

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    Looks like a reasonable routine to me. If you are gaining then stick with it. To answer your title question; yes you can gain more.
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      Thank u, i thought that if i worked 6 on 1 off i could get more gains than now coz a lot people got more gains on weeks off


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        Originally posted by nikola7777 View Post
        Hi everyone
        I gained 2 - 2.5 cm and im realy happy with results
        Hello and congrats on your gains my friend ! Very impressive . I will give a try s2s stretches next month . Yo keep up the great work ! You just motivated me .
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          Thats a solid workout and I hope you'll keep track and post a success or progress log on this as there arent enough Post-Newbie gain threads or plateu breaking routines/results.

          So whether works or not, please keep track and share with the community.

          My only real input would be maybe splitting up or adding an extra rest day during the week. 5 days in a row for an intense routine is a lot.

          I know its not muscle, but the body has a lot of similarities throughout. Breaking down muscle with heavy weights, it takes around 3 days to repair. In this time its suggested not to do heavy training again as it hinders repair and progress. Though, many advocate "active recovery" which is basically a light routine to active the muscle and bring in blood/nutrients.

          Getting a tattoo, is also similar. Its an open wound for about 3 days, where it weeps plasma, then it closes and scabs, takes another week to replenish from there. As well as sunburn, you burn, then the skin repairs, and its not till about 3 days later it begins to shed the layer and peel.

          If you ever rolled an ankle or stubbed your toe, you'll also notice the first few days seem to be the hardest, before it becomes easier to walk on again.

          Though its said by a lot that the penis repairs in about 24 hours, I think the theme with the human body is that around 72 hours seems to be norm for the majority of recovery to tissue and muscle damage repair.

          So IMO a 5/2 routine looks like (and I'm going to use a 1-3 scale just for theory of a 3 day recovery %)
          Day 1: -3 Damage
          24 Hr recovery: +1 (=-2)
          Day 2: -3 (=-5)
          24 hr: +1 (=-4)
          Day 3 : -3 (-7)
          24 hr: +1 (-6)
          Day 4: -3 (-9)
          24hr: +1 (-8)
          Day 5: -3 (-11)
          72 hr recovery: +3 (-8)

          This is kindof like the theory they use with over training muscle. That intense daily damage you're tearing down, tearing down, tearing down, and by the time you take a recovery the muscle needs so much more time to repair just to resume its original state, let alone grow.

          Now, anecdotal evidence still does support success from 5/2 so if it aint broke dont fix it, but in this theory I would assume its why the week off every couple months is so benificial. As it gives the time to make a complete heal.

          But, now that you are so conditioned as to basically "lift max weight" so to speak, like going to the gym for the first 6 mo or a year and making gains no matter what you do, to then needing a more specific schedule/routine/plan to be able to break plateu with progresive overload. You may want to consider a 1/1, 2/1, or 2/2 type of routine to allow a more repair oriented routine, especially if you do feel significantly sore or fatigued from your routine.

          Either way, please continue to bless us with your routines and progress. Cheers!
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