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Alternate solutions for warm up/warm down

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  • Alternate solutions for warm up/warm down

    So far I have only been using a towel doused in hot water.
    But since I don't have a bathtub I'm stuck inside my tiny shower cabinette whenever I apply heat.
    This isn't a great solution long term and I was wondering about alternative solutions.

    Especially as I'm going to spend a big part of the summer at the family home by the sea,
    any solution that only requires a power outlet is a big help.

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    An electric heating pad. They'er cheap and provide a constant heat at the perfect temperature. That's all I use.
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      I'll have to do some sleuthing then.
      I suppose there should be something around the proper size intended for back pain and the like.


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        I suggest a microwavable heating pad, specifically a clay one, or an infrared heat lamp.

        Personally I avoid the heating pad due to the high EMF output.
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          I just use my hands. And pelvic thrusts to get the blood moving.
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            The trusty Rice sock, warmed in a microwave oven.
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