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Jelq doesn't give me toothpaste feeling?

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  • Jelq doesn't give me toothpaste feeling?

    I started jelqing before 2 days again (never dedicated, I will try now). I wanna know if I can hurt myself with too tight grip and know why I don't feel intense toothpaste feeling? Should I jelq more erected then?
    Btw non-related topic but could be great answers for gains. Do you think I will be good to put cock ring after stretching and jelqing for about 2min and then go warm down?
    Thank you all
    Current: 5 x 4.5 (BPEL x EG), 2.5 flaccid
    Goal (hope so in 3 years): 7.25 x 5.71 erected and 4.5 flaccid

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    Current: 5 x 4.5 (BPEL x EG), 2.5 flaccid
    Goal (hope so in 3 years): 7.25 x 5.71 erected and 4.5 flaccid


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      Try slow and gentle; nothing intense at all. No your dick is not a tube of toothpaste so don't treat it as such.
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        Think self pleasuring thoughts, to help partially engorge your meat rocket.

        Take Care your toothpaste doesn't shoot out of your tube.
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          Wearing a cock ring for longer then a few minutes will help keep your temporary gains you get from a jelqing session in place. A good session can get you up to and even more then 1/2" of temporary gains, but they soon dissipate within a few hours. A cock ring can hold onto those gains well into the next day. Wearing a leather adjustable cock and ball ring will allow you enough adjustment that it won't be too tight or too loose. We don't know if holding onto temp gains for a longer period of time will speed up girth gains or improve gain, but there is a good chance that it will. Wearing it for only a few minutes or few hours won't accomplish much because the temp gains will last that long on their own without wearing a ring.
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            You are not getting the "toothpaste" feeling most likely do to wrong erection level. If not, then its due to technique.
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              Don't brush your teeth with you dick and don't use toothpaste to jelq.
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