Quitting porn is probably one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Instead of defaulting your sex drive to a computer, the new reality is for you to accept the sex drive, as a powerful and natural force that you need not be afraid of. I've tried noFAP... it's tough, especially when no partner is around. But quitting porn isn't all that difficult... just decide when the time is right. By leaving porn behind, you finally have the opportunity to define your new sexual identity, how you want to present yourself and act sexually with a partner.

Since most people realize it's already very hard to accomplish noFAP, one thing you can do to replace porn is to engage in a PE routine (if you like). As Ortega45 mentioned, the combo of noPorn + PE will probably help with results quite a lot. And then go out and meet potential mates, because the rising sexual energy will need to be redirected. You can also recirculate it with sport, work, other challenges... but never forget that you were meant to have sex, it's Mother Nature's wish!