been edging since march originally doing stop and start then on to plateau edging but i still don't know how to do the kegel variations that are often considered to those looking to last longer, i can edge for 30 minutes at the least before having to stop and often feel a kegel that causes my anus to pucker, this kegel doesn't make me less horny but infact when i do it i try and ignore it as it almost feels like i'm going to cum. i possibly link this feeling to that due to this kegel often being triggered when at PONR

i have avoided kegels & reverse kegels as i wasn't confident and didn't want to have negative impact but now i feel learning a kegel routine or being able to understand it all better will help me with edging.

kegel = stoping yourself urinating and bobs your penis

reverse kegel=speeds up flow

root lock kegel = tightens anus muscle

reverse root lock = pushing out/ deficating

i can stop urinating and bob penis

i can speed up the flow of my urine this can also can make my penis inflate

my anus tightens and it does it while edging but i can also stop pee by doing it

can push out, this slighly moves penis but hardly

can someone help me out what are these menuevers i'm doing above and are these the same results you should get from performing the maneuvers in bold