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  • How to measure girth

    Hello. I have been wondering how most people measure girth, and I assume they use a measuring tape, but is that how the doctors do it? Because statistically, I've heard girth (and length) is smaller when doctors do the measuring. Of course, you could say to that that it's hard having a boner while a doctor measures your penis, but on the other hand, measuring with a measuring tape also leaves room for inaccuracies. For example, one might not tightening the measuring tape enough. Nobody really knows how much the general guy who measures his girth, tightens the measuring tape, so there is a definite room for inaccuracies from a large number of measures. Now, since I have felt that measuring with a tape is not accurate, I decided to use a dental floss string. I tied it around the mid shaft, while having an erection, and then used scissors to cut the string afterwards. I then measured the distance between the cut ends. The result was kind of depressing, since the measuring was a way from my usual numbers when using a measuring tape, but at the same time, this is more correct. Then again, what is more correct, the number I got from doing a correct measuring, or the number I get from measuring the way most other people do it. I mean, the most important thing is to know how I compare to most other people, right, and not to measure in a way that removes potential for measuring errors? If everyone, or most guys, measure with a measuring tape, it's more correct to use a measuring tape myself, because if everyone then gets a bigger girth, it's wrong to put myself at a disadvantage by measuring in a more accurate way, which "gives" me a smaller girth compared to others. Right?

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    I use a straw wrapper and put it around my dick and then sharpy where it meets, then line it up to a ruler. I have a tape measure for measuring my waist and neck but I like the straw wrapper better.

    At the end of the day, you got what you got. Measure the same way to gauge results.


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      I use a tailor's tape at the base, middle, and just around my circumcision scar. When i use the tape, I don't constrict the penis, I just pull the ends together reasonably. Not loose, but i'm not strangling my dick while measuring either. Just use your common sense. If its loose, or too tight you'll get an inaccurate measurement.

      For example, my morning wood usually measures 5.18 to 5.25" girth. BUT, if i wanted to squeeze the shit out of that tape, I could choke it down to 4.75 but that would be foolish. Also, if its dangling it could easily be 5.5". Just use the tailor's tape and rest it along the edge. Dicks are spongey, so you can sell yourself short if you pull that tape super tight.
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        I use a tailors tape and pull it just tight enough that it’s laying flat all the way around without squeezing in. I try to get the same tightness of the tape and measure at the same place on my cock every time, so it’s consistent.
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          Dental floss is not a good way to measure because the thinness of the material will “cut” into the skin and provide an inaccurate (lower) girth measurement.

          I cut a one inch wide strip from a paper towel and use the same method as Riven with the straw to get an accurate measurement. If I pull it “too tight,” it will break.
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            What I did was to buy some cheap tailors tape from the discount store and cut it at my goal. I wrap it around my penis then once the two ends meet, I know I've hit my goal.