Hi guys, first post here.. am fairly new to the website (which is amazing).. and I was wondering to get some feedback on some worries that I have. There are a couple things:

I read somewhere on here that after a certain amount of PE that the penis can plateau or stop growing due to various reasons, and I really would not like that to happen. I was wondering if any of you reading this would be able to tell me some good methods as well as workout cycling I could go about doing to prevent this from happening being as I am a newbie to penis exercising.

Next is ED, (and I haven't done much researching in this area but it's kind of a certain topic) I've been masturbating to porn for about 14 years daily (sometimes up to 7-9 times a day gradually down to once or twice a day as I grew older) Although I have stopped masturbating A LOT.. I still experience difficulty gaining erections through stimulation other than physical (and it has to be pretty certain type of jerk), as well as standing up with an erection. I've gathered that my body (since I had been lying down all those years while masturbating) has grown used to me lying down to maintain an erection (as when I stand up it goes flaccid fairly quickly) OR while I'm getting head from someone sometimes it goes down (even while laying down). So, I'd like to know (if you know) how to gain erections from sexual stimulation such as just knowing I'm about to get laid, or a girl rubbing on my leg etc., and also how to train my body to be able to stand up with an erection and move about freely not affecting it, or gaining an erection while standing.

Feedback is very much appreciated, thanks.