I've been on this site for several years now educating myself on these forums, but I've mostly been in the PreE section. Since I became sexually active I have struggled with PreE and it's been the cause of lots of distress for me. I'm realizing lately that I think a big cause of my PreE, besides mental ones caused by anxiety and stress about it, is that my EQ has never been that great. Even as a kid I remember having a hard time getting a hard erection while masturbating and learned to squeeze my PC to stay harder, thus leading to PreE later in life. To this day, even while I'm with a partner my EQ is never optimal. The first time I realized what a truly 100% erection could feel like was when I took a gas station herbal viagra that a friend gave me a couple months ago ( I know this was probably not a good idea). My EQ was 100% or damn near the closest to that I've ever felt. And because I was so effortlessly hard, my pelvic floor relaxed and I felt totally in control and didn't come until my partner was tapping out. It was fantastic. This leads me to my question:

I'm not really too concerned with gains in length, but I want to get harder erections. Even masturbating it's very hard to get/maintain a hard erection and I never can get past 75% seemingly. Is PE and jelqing the way to go here or should I just stick with kegels? Sorry if I didn't do enough digging, but I've read very little about PE for EQ with the exception of some people's anecdotal evidence that their EQs also improved as they were working to gain length/girth.