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Quick jp90 question?

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  • Quick jp90 question?

    When it says “Repeat Cycle 5 More Times, Second Stretch Must Be Done Right Straight Up And Down,” for the “Stretch To Left For 25 Quick kegels,” do I 5 times do 25 kegels left 25 kegels right 25 Up 25 down 25 straight or so I do 1 time 25 left 1 time 25 right 1 time 25 up etc?

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    Idk if I clarified enough. This is easiest way to put it, is it 25x5x5 total or 25x5 total?


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      Or actually, this is probably the best way to describe my question:
      1 or 2
      Set #1 25 left kegels
      Set #2 25 right
      Set #3 25 up
      And one direction, x25, for each set?


      Set #1 25 left kegels, 25 right, 25 up, etc
      Set #2 25 left, 25 right, etc
      Or each direction x25, for each set?


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        I performed it as each set was a different direction. I would personally say #1.


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          Originally posted by BBC Action View Post
          I performed it as each set was a different direction. I would personally say #1.
          Oh okay. I previously tried jp90 and injured myself. I did #2, so I guess it would make sense I hurt myself if I started off doing 5x the stretches LOL I’m actually such an idiot


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            Sorry to bump an old thread, but I just wanted to get another take if it’s #1 or #2?


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              Drop the kegling while you are stretching. The quote box at the top of the stretching instructions for the JP90 states-
              WARNING-Despite what you might read, the act kegeling while stretching (kegeled stretching) is extremely dangerous. It puts unnecessary stress on the BC and IC muscles and over time, doing this can cause a strain/pull. A pull/strain to these muscles can result in a tense pelvic floor in response to the injury, and the tension can be so extreme that the muscles put pressure on the pudental nerve (pudental nerve entrapment) causing extreme pain and even permanent damage to the nerve. Perform at you own risk.
              Just hold your stretch for 30 seconds in each direction.
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