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Some questions about kegels

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  • Some questions about kegels

    Im doing JPEG90 routine for about month but i have some problems with stamina so i want to do additional kegel routine. I have some questions about technique:

    1. How should i breathe while doing kegels? Should i kegel when im breathing in and release when breathing out?
    2. How should i breathe while doing reverse kegels? Should i do RK when im breathing out? Or should i just doing RK while just keep on normal breathing?
    3. Should i tight my ABS and other core muscles while doing Kegels and Reverse Kegels? Or should i relax them?
    4. What is difference between Reverse Kegels and Front/Back Reverse Kegels?
    5. What about my kegels routine? Is it good for begginer?
    - warm up
    - quick kegels 3x25 (1s squeeze)
    - long kegels 3x10 (5s squeeze)
    - pyramid squeezes (1s squeeze -> release -> 2s squeeze -> release -> ... -> 10s squeeze -> release -> 9s squeeze -> release -> ... -> 1s squeeze
    - front reverse kegels 2x10 (5s squeeze)
    - back reverse kegels 2x10 (5s squeeze)
    - warm down

    I was doing only JPEG90 routine but had some problems with erections so now im exercising like this:
    JPEG90 routine / Kegel routine / off ...

    Ive read a lot of articles about it but im not sure if i get it right.
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    It is easy to overtain on the jp90.


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      Yea sure. I found it out on myself. But thats not what I was asking


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        A kegel routine is only good if you can handle it. You will know if it's too much work, just enough, or not enough at all.

        Instead of that pyramid kegel routine, just increase the seconds that your kegels are held in each set. Work up to holding for a minute if you can safely do so without over training.


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          hi.first dont do regular kegel.. for stamina do reverse kegel only.
          second forget front or back . you need to do reverse kegel completely for stamina.
          what is reverse kegel???streching exercise not strengthening exercise .but what muscles help to strech and perform reverse kegel?? core muscles .you need to strengthening them.
          how to perform reverse kegel???do cough several should contracting your core muscles like when you cough .
          about breathing and reverse kegel after time you can do it in inhale and exhale .forexample now i can hold reverse kegel hardly for 30 second.and without thinking breath.dont think about conection between reverse kegel and breathing.


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            go and read it


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              Thank you very much for reply redbloodme
              Now is almost sure for me

              But why should I forget about front or back kegel? Ive read this post:

              You mean that front and back kegels are too advanced exercises for begginers?


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                Back reverse and back kegels aren't really important in my opinion. One clenches your anus and the other forces out poop. The front reverse and front kegels focus on the muscles around your penis. Those are the type of kegels you should be working.


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                  hi.your welcome ..front and back are important for multi orgasm .for stamina you just need reverse kegel .both of them front and back in one time you should do dont need to do front and back separately .for pre e you dont need it. when you perform reverse kegel you perform naturally both of them.


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                    go and read all threads that wrote by james monroe.
                    you will find your answers


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                      Thank you for replies guys! I found my answers.