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Fighting depression about my size

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    a common practice in my country with a small dick is to insert 1 or two plastic balls under the skin of ur dick, i have a friend who did it and that changed his whole sex life, he is and we grew up together and he was allways complainign probably like u do that he has 11cm and his delf esteem went negative, after that he started feeling more like a man and people noticed that. now he has a wife and she is very happy with him. he did it a home on his own but u can do it with someone trained to this kinda shit like a doctor, im 17cm and considering to do it honestly.


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      Originally posted by poqw View Post
      I visited teraphist twice and we came up to the conclusion that i am right and my issue is that i dont want to accept what i am because of the way people treat me. I dont know what to do now.
      I'm not a therapist but this is for sure a mental thing. I know because I've been where you are now. As you can see, I've been a member for a long time, and I came mainly to address my mental issues. If you believe that there's something wrong with you, then of course there isn't. I gonna tell you the honest obvious truth that you can't see (and I couldn't see back then): You perception of your penis and how you think people think about it is mainly your own. You can change that. It might take time but you can change it. And let me tell you:

      Growing more meat won't help you with that! You need a better mindset first. I haven't gaining a single thing since I became a member because I haven't been consistant and I haven't had the priority/interest to do it, but my own perception has changed fundamentally.

      Brother, you have to be rational about it. I know that sounds hard, but why would anyone value you based on your penis, large or small? Its a peace of meat which has a biological purpose of reproduction (having children). The whole size thing has come from weird society developments, especially with the arrival of porn + internet. That really shouldn't get in your head. Sure, its cool to grow your size, and it will trigger dopamine that you have accomplished your task of growing your penis (like it triggers dopamine when you workout, study etc). But thats it man.

      You can write to me whenever you want, I cant' help you with a routine. There are many other more qualified people here to help you with that. But if you wanna talk to someone, I'll do my best. And as you can see above you, I'm not the only one who will. Chin up!
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