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Fighting depression about my size

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  • Ultimate Burrito
    I'm going to break some tough news to you. If all you're doing is a few jelqs and you're complaining already you might as well stop. If you are sad because you haven't seen any results after 1 week, one week!, you might as well stop. Now if you're just saying this to get it out of your system and you are planning to put forth the effort and time it takes to get larger, we hear you loud and clear and are here to encourage you to keep on tugging and get the results that you want.

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  • Newuser12
    started a topic Fighting depression about my size

    Fighting depression about my size

    Im really depressed noq because im small at 4.90 inches erect and im tired of being small
    This is hurting all aspects of life

    I just want to be normal size at like 5.75 inches or 6

    Im jelqing 30 minutes a day its been a week and i see no progress

    I have a little hang but then it goes back to my small flaccid of 1 inch or 0.59 cent

    I cant buy an ads because i live with parents so all i can do is jelq

    Im really putting in time to jelq but i see no gains

    Why is life so hard? Ive gotten laid before and had a gf

    But now im single and insecure about my size this just really bugs me

    I dont know if im jelqing right as i jelq 15 strokes take a small break and jerk off till im 80 percent hard and do 15 more strokes

    I cant 200 strokes straight because my hand gets tires at 15

    Idk if this is gonna get me size what to i do

    I feel so down