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Looking to gain both a little length and girth - pressed on time

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  • Looking to gain both a little length and girth - pressed on time


    Male, 22 years old.
    Erect length 6.25 in erect girth 5 in

    Would like to get to 7 in in length and 6 in in girth.

    The things is that i work 9-5 and also run my own small business so for me time is money and doing manual stretching is not cost effective to me.

    What kind of device (extender or pump) would be the most suitable to gain a little bit of both length and girth? Or if it is not possible to gain both with only one, i would preffer some girth hahah.

    Device that i could put on and go on about my work without having to jelq for an hour every day.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    An extender would be my recommendation for length. I gained some girth from it but others haven't. Best option for girth is clamping but it's too dangerous to do without 6 months prior conditioning. Clamping would only steal 5-10 minutes a few times a week. You'll need to do jelqs, manual or make a device, or pump in the mean time. Girth is the most time intensive to gain unfortunately.

    Your thickness is already good. I would caution 6" girth, oral and anal become less of an option. That's why I decided to stop for the time being. You can see my routines in my signature if interested.

    Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay!
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      Thank you for the response.

      So extender you say hmmm. And maybe some manual exercises for girth.

      I really dont like oral and i REALLY dislike anal.

      Actually it is hard for me, as someone new to this, to believe that these methods and device actually work. You are always told otherwise.

      Also, I will soon start using a substance called Ibutamoren or mk677. It is a growth hormone secretagogue and at the recommended dose effects are pretty much like taking 3 IU's of injectable growth hormone a day.

      Just wanted to put this out there. Growth hormone, it might help, we will see.


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        I simply want GIRTH hahahah.
        But also an inch to my length would be nice.


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          What about hanging a weight off of my shaft?
          Could it replace an extender?


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            Ok forget the last question.
            I am going to do a combo of using an extender and jelqing and kegels.


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              If you have a few hours of book keeping type work every day, something private and stationary, then wearing an extender or vacuum hanger during that time would leave your hands and mind free to keep working.
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