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    Hey guys,

    New to this forum and newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and i am 4 weeks out from surgery for total prostatectomy. I am 48 yo and I would consider myself healthy other than this previous diagnosis. Along with the surgery I had Its not without its side effects. Worst of all is ED. MY question to you have you guys experienced this or know anyone that has. I just recently purchased a Bathmate hydro 7. I just one to get the blood flowing so to speak. I am just a little concerned because I cant find any information about this online and all of my doctors dont want to discuss this only conventional therapy. How should I start out? Just as whats recommended from Bathmate?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I figured you guys would know more.

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    I will see if I can get some links to help your research.
    (sorry to hear of your diagnosis, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery)

    I found a few, but have not read them.

    PE for Prostate cancer survivors

    From Prostate cancer to the PEGYM

    2+ years of PE after prostate surgery

    Penis Health - Penis Scarring - Prostate Cancer, Erection Loss etc

    Cancer Recovery
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      Lots of good information in Dangler’s references.

      Here’s another involving pumping:

      i assume your doc has put you on testosterone replacement therapy.

      Trimix injections are often used to help with post prostate surgery. I’d check with your urologist.

      You might want to check out the FrankTalk web site. Lots of guys there discuss their issues with post prostate surgery.
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        Thanks for the info


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          Hey Boss!
          Hang in there!
          Being off line for a while, will post here shortly when I get some time.
          If you have the same result as I have, major intense, long orgazims!
          A few times was wondering if it was going to stop!
          God Bless and Stay Well.


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            Tough to get that at only 48 years old, but your recovery will likely be more successful than mine at 10yrs your senior.

            I”ll tell my story, we all somewhat recover differently.
            First, the leaky problem.
            I had to go to a heavy pad for a several months.
            Enjoy the huge bulge while you can. I had more little old ladies staring and smiling at my package.
            The look on their face would be priceless if they discovered what it really was all about!
            In time a thin shield will be sufficient. Don’t really use them unless at work or out .
            You need to get strength in your bladder sphincter
            Your doc should have talked about Kegel exercise.
            Learn to stop your pee stream. Do it many times, every time you go, and then keep exercising that.

            The biggest thing I miss is blowing that load.
            That satisfaction is a part of our makeup.
            But I have to say, my organism are very intense, and lasts twice as long now.
            At times was wondering if was going to stop.
            I don’t know why this is.

            After my surgery, while laying around, started researching just as you are.
            This is how I got to the gym!
            I ran across some research papers on RP surgery and pumping.
            I wish my doctor had talked more about this.
            A smaller study showed men who pumped PRIOR to surgery, and pumped very shortly after, received better results than those who didn’t.
            I had 2mths between diagnosis and surgery. I would have pumped like an oil rig if I knew that!
            My biggest mistake I feel, is I didn’t use a pump for 3mths after surgery.
            My penis had shrunk to nothing.

            You didn’t waste your money on the BM, but it is kinda an extreme pump.
            You will probably use it later in daily life.
            You bath and you pump.
            I shouldn’t spend all your money, but an air pump like the Leluv is a easier start.
            Get one with a gauge. Amazon has them very reasonably priced.
            It is very easy to modulate the pressure.
            With ED, pump up and release, pump up and release, is a good routine.
            I also have an extender.
            The Phallosan Forte is very good.
            It seems to allow some blood flow with an easy stretch.
            I have gotten partial erections just by having it on!

            Anyhow, it takes a lot of time. Most will heal an get decent EQ in 6-12 months.
            Some will never.
            Your age will be an asset for you I am sure.
            Look at some of my posts. I still have ED, but am still growing nonetheless.
            I now pump to7”, a one inch gain!
            I believe if I never pumped and extended, it would be way worse.

            That’s enough from me.
            Stay safe, God Bless All!
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              Hello Boss777,
              haven't seen you around.
              I'm praying your recovery is going well.
              Always feel free to post here or PM me anytime.

              Stay Safe!