Hi guys
I have trouble with finding IC muscle. I feel pf muscles like on this picture

Is IC muscle between kegel and reverse kegel, under the penis? I read about two IC muscles left and right side, and i can feel them too, but i feel them on either side of kegel.

I can push both of them at the same time, but i think they are something other than this muscle on the picture with question Mark (?)

Can anyone explain me that?? Which are IC muscles etc how to find them. I read a few threads and i'm still confused.

Thx for help

Threads i read before (https://www.pegym.com/forums/penile-anomalies-injuries-pelvic-floor-issues/136879-locating-activating-ischiocavernosus-muscle-ic-obtain-more-penis-power.html#post1641997)

(https://www.pegym.com/forums/erectile-dysfunction-forum/137171-ic-muscle-immediate-amazing-results-why.html )