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    Hello guys. Im not a new one here but I would like to start everything again.
    My question is how and where do I start now? I have Bathmate x30, Phallosan forte. I would like to gain manually first and Iím looking for lenght only now because I read that it is easier to achieve lenght and girth after? How do I incorporate every device I have? Just wear extender after streches? If yes what streches would be the best to start again? I will make measurements today when I get back from work. Thank you.

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    It seems that I canít edit my post with my phone. Maybe someone can tell something about best supplements for recover and growth?


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      I too restarted my PE routine last September after several years. I have SG, Bathmate xtreme, and a generic ADS. At first, I did manual length stretches, jelqs, kegels, and Bathmate - all beginner routines. I had 1 or 2 days off. After 8 weeks, I then simplified my routine to just ADS - >5 hours a day & Bathmate. My advice is just start with whatever you think you'll be more consistent and therefore, making it a habit. The reason why I paused jelqing is the need for erection. Plus, ADS and Bathmate are convenient which makes it easier for me to be more consistent. I don't take supplements specifically for PE.

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        The following should be helpful: START HERE!
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