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Thought I got an injury- JP90 first day experience

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  • Thought I got an injury- JP90 first day experience

    Today was my first try of JP90 routine
    I did hot towel warm up
    did stretch part and then started wet jelqs, it went good
    but then when I started first set of v-jelqs I noticed my erection started to fall down
    whole v-jelqs set I did on 40-50% erection, but I got scared cause I had some proper photos opened and still couldn't get hard
    So I did basically stretching+ 1/3 of the routine
    I think pressure was good, cause I noticed some veins I never thought I had and could feel blood flowing through my pp however as I stated before I got scared so I stopped+ I couldn't get back to 60-70% erection, my dick didn't hurt, maybe got a little purplish, maybe
    Right after I did warm down I went to ph to check if everything was ok and I got rock hard boner
    So the question is why is that? I will try tomorrow again, I really don't wanna injure myself it seems everything was ok this time, but why couldn't I keep erection?

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    It is normal to have these issues when starting, some days it will be the opposite and you will get a boner while you are in mid workout.

    Just take it day by day, better to be safe as you were than to injure yourself.

    It usually takes a week or two to start having consistent workouts.
    Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before