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How to measure strenght of pelvic floor muscles? How to bulid a routine 🤔

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  • How to measure strenght of pelvic floor muscles? How to bulid a routine 🤔

    Hi guys, i want to ask you how to measure strenght of pelvic floor muscles? For example if i can hold kegel for one minute without spasm, and reverse kegel for the same time, is it means they are balance? Is it a good way to do it?

    And another question how to bulid a good routine for all muscle pelvic floor muscles(i mean kegels, reverse kegels, root lock, reverse root lock and IC muscles (left and right side)). I read Minuteman's mmo thread, and he wrote about his routine that it isnt optimized well. Should i train every second day? Everyday is too much for every muscles i think.

    Actually i'm working on my posture, i have trouble with harmstrings. My pelvic floor is weak, because i have frequent urination, and i had hard flaccid and didnt restrenght my pelvic floor, so i want do this now.

    Thanks for help
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    Add rk in the right % as mm suggests in his forward and it covers what want . You must read his work carefullly to understand it fully. For instance he makes it clear the further into his routine you go the stronger your pf is likely to be . He also mentions left to right balancing is rarely needed . MM is a perfectionist so I wouldn't take his self criticism that serious..


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      Thanks for reply Pegasus. Okey so i take MMO routine from lvl 0. If I good think i should add more kegels than reverse kegels, because my pf is weak.
      Does method with mesauring time is good to check level of unbalance?
      Big thanks. I will put my success story in the future😉


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        It isn't only time so for instance towel raises and reverse towel raises can be very intense when the weight is high .
        At beginner level it is a reasonable measure .

        in general the further along mm routine you are the stronger you will be .


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          Thanks for everything Pegasus!