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Turtles after seasson

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  • Turtles after seasson

    Why is my penis turtled after doing 10 mins of jelq? Is that normal or it should not be turtled? If it not normal how to avoid that?

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    You're probably doing it too hard at too high of an erection. What I usually do is after I'm done jelqing, do some helicopter shakes to loosen it up and then warm down.
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      A little turtling for the next 3h(max) after your PE training is normal and in fact it is good as long as after the 2-3h your dick is becoming long-thick-soft and remains in this state until the next training.
      The more conditioned your dick becomes to the same program...the less time will be turtled after the training.
      The problem is only when the turtling doesn t go away and you are starting your next training in a turtled state.

      The thing that will reduce the turtling by a lot is heat before-during-after PE training and Rks after the training.
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