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  • Jp90/bathmate

    So this is my quick story :

    I've got bathmate like a month ago ,started using it only for 3 weeks ,did Big Al's one minute a day increase ,and now I'm at full 20 mins BM workout.
    So last week when I was building up to a 20 minute mark I've decided to implement Jp90's routine into my workout ,and my penis was quite exhausted and skin was in pain wherever I touched it ,yeh ,I know ,I overdid it probably,I tought I was conditioned for it
    I gave it a rest during weekend and this morning it felt amazing ,did Jp90 and 20 min bathmate ,feeling great afterwards .
    So I tought for first month of Jp90 I will do it before BM and finish with pumping ,my second month I'll reverse to see how that works ,so stretch and jelq after pumping ,and third month I will probably do a 10 min pump -jp90-10min pump to finish ,just to switch it around and see what works .
    I'm using hydroxtreme7 and having problems with getting my balls sucked in ,sometimes takes me 15mins to place it properly and pump it .
    Is there a way u could tell how much u've pumped ,I don't seem to be able to reach my full NBPEL in it ,I'm like 0.5cm away ,and when I press the "ball" it simply doesn't have anything to pump out LOL
    I don't wanna overdo the pumping but I'm always having a feeling that I could probably push for more and must for some reason .
    Now another thing is I'm doing it full flaccid for start ,it's still conditioning and I doubt I'll be able to keep erection in it for 20 mins ,since it doesn't arouse me a tiny bit ,as some people say .
    I don't know when to switch to erected workout ,should I stay for 20 mins BM as for now ,and maybe on my 3rd month to switch to 4x5m erected or smth ,I think I ain't doing bad ,or wrong ,but at the same time I feel like everything is wrong

    Sorry for such a long post,and thank you all for your answers ,for those who read it fully ,appreciate it !

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    I'd love to comment, but I fond it very difficult to read. I wonder if you might clean it up.
    - Replace the text speak (u, smth) with proper vocabulary.
    - Maybe look at commas (normal rules are one space after a comma).
    - Break up into paragraphs
    03/2015 Start <Able to last ~ 2 mins PIV>
    12/2019 EL: +2.2 MEG: +1 <Able to last 60+ mins PIV>


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      I pull on the scrotum when Iím pumping. Also with the hydromax I have I noticed that the pump doesnít fully compress so I measured from the base to the measurements on the tube and they were all off and still off slightly when I fully compressed it against the wall and measured from the wall to the tubes measurements.

      The difference your mentioning was very near the ones I got depending on the compression of the base. For this reason I switch to a normal basic bump for measurements. Iíve decided to split up my pump routine between the two starting at 3 1.5 min pumps per pump. I like to use the hydro because of the weight from the water and hang during the hold.