Hi all,

I've tried PE on and off quite a bit, but I have predominantly psychological ED so I can't maintain any form of erection while doing exercises. It always just reverts back to flaccid, and I know you need to be partially hard for this stuff to work.

I'm fine with my length (would like a bit more, but am much more focused on girth) so am wondering whether there are any girth exercises I could do given my ED? Are there any that you can do flaccid? There's nothing I can really do to focus on my ED, as it's a psychological thing and as soon as I want to maintain an erection my mind deceives me and it turns flaccid.

I was pumping flaccid, but from everything I've read, you really need to supplement pumping with other exercises. Also, my Bathmate broke and I don't really want to buy another one.

Any input would be much appreciated!