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PE with genital warts?

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  • PE with genital warts?

    Guys, I have genital warts on my pennis... Doctor burned them like 5 years ago and he prescribed me some creams and they went away and never came back but I moved to another country and recently, they appeared again but now I don't remember which creams helped me to kill them, and I don't know if I should go to the doctor to burn them again. I have read many people kill the warts with only the creams.

    The thing is... Can I continue to do PE with genital warts? What about pumps? I took a break lately from PE because all of this but I want to get on it again.

    Other question is, I need to stop using a sock with rice to heat my pennis, what else can I use that I can clean fast, reuse, and works good for PE? Gel pads work?

    Thank a lot for all the help I can get!

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    I use an electric heating pad from amazon. If not, just use a hair dryer but that'll dry you the hell out. You could always just take a hot shower
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      Thanks for the reply brother

      Do you mind sharing which one do you have, I just saw a few ones and they are large, how do you clean it and how often?