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    Ok, for a long time I've been visiting this website, reading about the amazing exercises which can increase penis size. I've decided to join up and finally ask an important question that's been on my mind since I first came here. Before I ask this question, first, I must say that I want to begin a beginner's PE routine sometime soon and I'm trying to make sure this isn't a waste of time, or something that can permanently damage my equipment for life. So here's my question: Is this for real? If I do these exercises, will they actually work? I would like to basically know if this isn't just another "Get inches quick scheme".

    Now, I know I sound a bit contradictory, coming here to ask if any of this is for real when I've been regularly visiting and deciding on a PE routine. But, after doing some research into the actual topic of penis enlargement, how the penis works, and what studies and doctors have to say about it, I'm a bit confused. Are they right, or are the many people of this forum right? Is the size increase just some sort of bleeding under the skin, some kind of swelling tissue, or is it really elongated and widened smooth muscle tissue. According to some sites, smooth muscle just doesn't work that way at all. I'm starting to get a bit discouraged and drowned down into the thought that this really is too good to be true.

    I have an average sized member but I am really willing to put forth time and effort for size increases. My one problem is that I have no idea who's right on the subject of whether these exercises work or not. If anybody could please reply, with sources and other information, I'd be very grateful. I'm excited to start and see those first two-month-gains. I just need a helping hand to understand if all of this makes sense in factual land.

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    There is only 1 thing that will convince you and that is a bigger penis. We ask no money, just do it and prove it.


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      You should know going in that nothing with PE is certain. Some guys will respond to the exercises amazingly well, others not so much, and then some not at all. You mention that you hope this isn't a "get inches quick scheme" - there's nothing quick about manual PE. You have to take your time and put the time in. As many can tell you, injury is no joke if you get over-zealous in your pursuits. Some of the things you read us doing we are able to do after a long period of conditioning and we can handle it.

      Start with a basic routine, continue to read posts here and learn, and take your time. I'm quite sure you will gain some benefit from what you do - if not a size increase, then increased stamina, EQ or just overall penis health..

      Enjoy the journey.
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        I am happily gaining so far but im curious about the sites you mentioned say that smooth muscle cant expand do you have any links?
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          I've gained 1 1/4 inches since I started. Not much on girth at all - working on that now. No doubt it works. My girlfriend was a skeptic but not anymore. There is lots of other added benefits too. This is not just about size for me, but also about learning to enjoy sex more. These routines work...BTW this is not a do it fast scheme. It is a lifetime commitment. Its a commitment to your sexual health and your overall health.


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            The penis doesn't get bigger through hypertrophy like skeletal muscle does with weight training. Some claim that smooth muscle proliferation is important, but I doubt it. Some smooth muscle proliferation may occur, but you are correct in saying that smooth muscle doesn't work that way.

            Penis enlargement works through gradual stretching and remodeling of connective tissue. People elongate their ligaments, tendons and joint capsules through yoga all the time to gradually gain flexibility. Physical therapists do it to allow patients to regain full range of motion after injuries. The skin contain a great deal of connective tissue. Our skin stretches when we gain weight. The skin of a woman's abdomen stretches when she becomes pregnant.

            In "penis enhancement" surgery the suspensory ligaments of the penis are typically cut to allow a portion of the subcutaneous penis to be exteriorized. But these same ligaments can be gradually stretched.

            The size of the external penis is basically determined by the dimensions of the connective tissue envelope of the corpora cavernosa: the tunica albuginea. Assuming a good quality erection, the penis enlarges until the tunica is maximally filled and then stops getting bigger. But is the radial and longitudinal dimensions of the tunica can be enlarged, given an equal quality erection, the erect penis will become larger.


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              When you provide a load/stressor on cardiac smooth muscle... what does the heart do? It hypertrophies. Cardiac muscle of an athlete has a greater surface area and overall size compared to that of a sedentary of physically inactive individual.

              If you stress it... it will grow.
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                Just start doing the exercises!

                My penis is bigger than it was when I started, it looks different when erect (meaner) & I have had compliments recently.

                I have nothing to gain by convincing you that it is real - you, however DO!
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                  The tissue remodeling/stretching argument put forth by redbear seems to make sense. But what I've wondered about is: what the heck is filling that space? Is it smooth muscle cell growth, lymphatic fluid, or something else? My erect volume is 40% greater since starting PE (of course, this is only on the external part). Since the tunica and ligaments only make up a small fraction of the overall penis, what is the rest of the growth? I realize that when erect most of it is probably blood, but I also have a larger flaccid volume (not 40%). What about that? Is it simply fluid retention, or is there some cell growth?
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                    I've been stealth PEing for almost 7 months and I've gained 1.6 inches in length and .3 inches in girth (been focusing on the former more than the latter). I haven't told a soul outside of you PEgymers but my lady noticed my gains ~3 months in. She asked if I was doing anything and I lied and told her that I must just be finishing puberty. Which may or may not be true, I'm 19 and my penis hadn't stopped growing when I started PE. She makes a note of how large it's getting almost every week.

                    This stuff is for real. Ya, I'm probably an abnormally fast gainer, but those, at least, are my experiences. I'm totally satisfied. Take the plunge, don't try to tear your part off, and have fun. I enjoy ever PE session


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                      Yes it does work, but you should ALWAYS keep safety in mind. Can't stress that enough. Do your own research here on the site, and if your able too, buy the book. Exercising the Penis - Penis Guide

                      Safety articles section:
                      Safety Practices



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                        Akooni, my gains have been an amount similar to Starless. I've been using JP's 90 day routine. After the first 90 days I simply added an extra round of jelqing, and I added in some additional stretches. If you start with the JP90, just be careful and don't overdo it.
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                          Thank you Way and Dash for ur advice! But I do not understand what they mean with LOT? How do i know how good is my LOT? And does age matter on the results of gains( if ur under 20) And what is ED? Sorry for all this questining. Thx already Good to know that people in here are nice.


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                            There are studies showing that tension definitely affects the tissues of the penis.

                            Where are these studies that claim that PE doesn't work? Every claim I've seen made by docs contrary to PE have been based on opinion and deflection, not studies or facts.

                            As stated above, the best way of finding out whether or not PE works is to try it for yourself. That way, there'll be no doubt in your mind as to its effectiveness.
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                              Wow! I make a post at 3 in the morning and come back at 4 in the afternoon, and look what all of you nice people have left me! In light of all of your views, I suppose I'll just try it and find out. And, for those of you having questions about where I found contradictory studies and such, they're mostly online sources, so, yeah, they need to be taken with a grain of salt, I understand. It's just that I need something that can officially prove to me that it's worth it, and it works. So, after reading all this, I suppose I'll try it in a week or so.

                              I just worked myself into a workout regimen, and I intend to add in something of a meditation regimen as well. I'll put PE in this whole schedule soon. I'd also just like to say thanks to all of you for your quick replies and for your support and such. I've read a good deal of posts and I have to say that this forum is very active and kind. I suppose I'll just need to take your advice and start and see if it gets me anywhere. I guess I've got nothing to lose :P