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Returning to PE for length with a better mindset

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  • Returning to PE for length with a better mindset

    Background: Hey guys after a few years away Ive decided to return and give this all another go. Back in my late years of highschool I had learned and tried some of the manual stretches and jelqing but easily got bored and drifted away because of a lack of immediate results. This time around Im willing to stick with it and wait for the longer investment.

    BPEL: barely over 6
    BPFSL: About 6 exactly (So tunica limit based on what I read, focus on length exercises)
    EG: About 5.25 sometimes more on occasion

    GOAL: Hmm I guess my core focus would be to use a routine (perhaps modified if you could help) that is streamlined mainly for length (like 90/10%) and doesn't waste time on girth (which most of the beginner routines seem to have more focus on girth than I'd like). I might want girth later down the line but for now I'd like to cut out as many of those exercises as possible as long as it won't inhibit length.

    Quick Summary: So about a week ago I started with this routine modified with double manual dry stretches, and no jelqs. I'd love to hear any input on the modification or if perhaps theres a better/more current routine that fits what Im looking for. Also Im not against jelqs it's just that theyre messier and I dont feel motivated to spend time on them if there are more effective techniques for length.

    Big thank you for anyone who spent time to read this and help out!
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    Hey fate, I started with a similar situation, almost as thick as long.

    As much as Iíd rather see length, for some reason I get a great girth pump out of everything! Iím a believer in seeing any gains helps motivate to keep goingÖ

    Iím doing the same routine with modifications. I started a few months back with weights before I found this forum.

    Iím finally starting to physically see some actual gains! I think the big takeaway I got from it is, warm up. I spend a lot of time with heat and light stretching which seems to be working very well..

    Good luck!



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      Great to hear youre seeing some progress. Are your modifications to the routine the same as mine? No jelqs? Funny to hear if so because I just chose to do that on the fly lmao. I've definitely been taking longer to warmup this go around because a few years back I remember getting quite sore and many seem to praise the warmup as one of the most beneficial factors.