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    Don't take it offensively, I have just never heard of someone getting balantis from baby oil before. As others have said, you can just change lubes or switch to dry jelqing.
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      i used everything from regular soap, balsam to shaving foam u get the picture
      after warmdown i use aloe vera, if u use conventionel soaps shower gel etc it will sting when u warmdown other then that?
      i not seen red dots miscoloring or anything down that alley
      baby oil content is way too light to cause anything, if u dont wash after PE naturally substance will stick and dry but thats just dried oil not a condition
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        It was most likely from sex with a nasty bitch. but the baby oil thing freaked me out. its all coming back together now... after severly reacting to the antibiotics i was given :\.
        But im still PEing steadily but with much less improvements...hmm think it might be the lowered immune system and all the creams and shit i put on my penis to get rid of this fungal shit?