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    So, fist question what does jp 90 beginner program do exactly? and is Pe good for a young person such as myself? I am 18. I mean I don’t think my penis has stopped growing on its own yet and I don’t want to mess with its natural growth…
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    Welcome aboard EDM! There are a lot of guys your age doing PE, but its best to educate yourself with the whole thing BEFORE starting.
    Do a lot of reading here starting with this link : PEGym Forums - Announcements in Forum : Beginner's Forum be sure to read it and the additional links it contains.
    There are several beginner routines to choose from and there are a couple in that link to check out. Once you have some understanding let us know if you have questions.


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      Hey Bro

      I just started PE and I am doing the PESG routine check it out you might like it.


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        well actully the only question was if pe will effect the natrul groth of one's penis if its not done growing. I got most of the other basics i have been reading here for a few days all ready. So if some one can answer that question ill be good for get the other one.