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Enlarging One Side of the Shaft? (Twisted Penis)

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  • Enlarging One Side of the Shaft? (Twisted Penis)

    I was studying my penis recently and noticed that my left side behind the glans is a bit thicker than the right side, which I believe is causing a "twisted penis", where the head is twisted to the right (looking straight at it, the meatus sits like this: \ ). I think this is probably from excessive masturbation with a strong right handed grip. I will start doing PE work more with my left and with a slight twist back in place, but I was wondering if there was an exercise to target the right CC to make it a little bigger to catch up with the left. When I jelq, I use equal pressure, so that will only keep the difference the same.

    Any other advice from others with twisted penis who have had success fixing theirs?

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    My penis isn't twisted, but, it does point left. After a few months (and a lot of effort) I got it to go straighter. It's still slightly off, but for me, PE is improving it.
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      I noticed this shortly after starting too, could well have been from years of right-handed tugging. V jelqs, and more so KP's excellent uli v-jelqs, have helped sort me out. Don't go charging in with the uli v's till you've been pe'ing regularly for a good few months though, they're pretty heavy going. I'd just do your normal v-jelqs till you're well conditioned, by which time you might have evened up a bit anyway.

      Interesting that you say your dick tilts to the right, my left CC was/is a bit bigger and my dick tilts a bit to the left.


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        In Remek's book is a suggested exercise I believe called the "mini-jelq" in which only one corpus cavernosum is jelqed using a "C-grip" on only one side of the shaft. Most guys just try to "jelq against the curve". I have had a mile left curvature which seems to be reducing gradually. I also had a very mild downward curve ("n-curve") which I have been working against with fulcrum "v-stretches" and actually hanging about 10 lbs from various points along the shaft while simultaneously stretching. The downward curve is gone and I seem to be starting to develop a subtle upward curve ("u-curve").


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          I have tested out v-jelqs, but haven't fully gotten the hang of them. They don't feel as good as regular jelqs. But I'm sure more practice is needed.

          Blink, did you do anything to get it straighter ?


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            Originally posted by redbear52 View Post
            The downward curve is gone and I seem to be starting to develop a subtle upward curve ("u-curve").
            That's really great. It makes me want to read the book and perhaps fill any knowledge gaps I might have in spite of my PE studies...

            Me: I've been hanging weight, and forcing my penis to go straight in the hanger. Somehow, that is helping. If I let my penis twist in the hanger, then I don't get the straightening effect. A few months of hanging mostly straightened it out.
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              Redbear, can you explain the c-jelq in more detail? I THINK I have to enlarge the right CC in order to fix the twist, but I also have a right curvature, so I think I need to work on the right side, jelqing and stretching to the left. Right?


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                Aaron Kemmer uses the term "pincher grip" but I have also seen the term "c-grip" used to describe the same thing. He describes it as follows: "To form the pincher grip, place your index finger on one side of your penis and your thumb on the other side. When complete, the grip looks as if you are pinching your penis." (Some guys jelq with both hands simultaneously using this type of grip on both sides of the penis instead of an "OK grip".)

                The "Mini-Jelq" is described as follows: "The goal of the mini-jelq is to jelq whichever top chamber (corpus cavernosum) is the smaller one, and is thus the side the penis curves to. You do this by using a mini-pincher grip to focus exclusively on that chamber. To do the mini-jelq bring your penis to a 50-75% erection level and: 1. Grab your penis below the head and hold it out as if you were going to stretch. This will help stabilize the penis for the mini-jelq. 2. Take your other hand and form a small pincher grip at the base of the smaller corpus chamber. 3. Using the small pincher grip, jelq the single chamber in a similar motion as you would a normal jelq. Your goal is to move blood throughout that smaller corpus chamber. Each mini-jelq should take two to three seconds."

                Two other considerations for trying to correct penis curvature and torsion (twisting). Penis extenders (stretchers) have been used successfully to treat curvature associated with Peyronie's Disease and might be beneficial over time. To try to counteract the torsion you might try bundled stretches but only twisting in the direction opposite the natural torsion of the penis. Be careful with the bundled stretches, however. They are pretty intense.


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                  Originally posted by redbear52 View Post
                  To try to counteract the torsion you might try bundled stretches but only twisting in the direction opposite the natural torsion of the penis.
                  That's really interesting, and I can definitely see how that would work physiologically against a twist... that's a great idea.

                  Although both extenders and hanging help with a twist, so far, my experience with hanging tells me it would be easier (most likely) to fix a twist with an extender first. It's very difficult to fight a twist when you're hanging (that's my experience).
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                    Redbear, let me see if I understand you. Keeping in my that I have a slight curve and torsion to the right, when doing the c-grip mini-jelq, I should hold my penis out with my left hand, and with my right hand, place the thumb on the top right side, and the index (and middle maybe) on the bottom right side of the penis and jelq like that? Should I also try to avoid the CS for any reason?

                    For a routine of 10 minutes of wet jelqing, would you recommend adding on an additional 2 or 3 minutes of c-grip mini jelqing or longer?

                    I'm still new to PE so not ready for an extender, nor bundled stretches. They look pretty scary.

                    Thanks for the help!



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                      Yes, you would try to jelq the right corpus cavernosum since that is the less developed one. I don't know if it makes a difference if you are also applying compression to the CS or not.

                      Yes you should probably hold of on the twisting stretches for a while.

                      I tried the mini-jelq and didn't feel like I was accomplishing a lot with it, but I really didn't work with it for long. I would give it a try and see how it feels.