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  • Girth required.

    Does anyone have a good girth routine I can stick to daily. I've been incorporating the jelq and Ulis but so far (it's been nearly a month) no PI of growth. I've tucked in a bit of traction wrapping to keep the blood flowing after the routine (I don't turtle too much, but enough but there's deffo a bit of shrivel after I warm down).

    I've been doing PE for over three months now so I think I've got a good level of conditioning to move onto the more advanced techniques without too much risk to my unit.
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    Hi tojelqornot,

    Best advice on girth work I can give, is not to do it daily. Every other day works well for dedicated girth.

    I have made Squeezes the cornerstone of my girth routine. IMO it is best to perform squeezes at around 55>70% erection level. I was doing them at very high erection levels & you loose some of the elasticity/malleability that is desired to get the maximum expansion to develop (think about the ability of a balloon to expand when already full).

    Start of slow with squeezes if you haven't done them before. Good luck.
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      Like vulcan stated, squeezes are great when you are going straight manual. I use a variety of squeezes in my routine and I am confident they have contributed greatly in my girth gains.
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        Performing stamina work (kegels, edging, etc.) immediately after your girth work and following that up with a thorough warm down will help you maximize your girth gains.
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