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Stretch before or AFTER Jelq? Hmmm...

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  • Stretch before or AFTER Jelq? Hmmm...

    Hello all,
    after my introduction in this exciting community, this is my very first post.

    well, I've read a lot before joining and I was 100% convinced that stretching was absolutely necessary to be done, for growth, before jelqing. A lot of posts says that it's mandatory to stretch the ligaments, elsewhere the jelq would find no room to do it's magic.

    But, after joining here, I discovered babbis' beginners routine, (, which so far granted erect results in three weeks three (!) while in three weeks I only saw flaccid progresses (so far I followed JP routine).

    And with my high surprise, in babbis' routine, stretched are performed after jelqs.
    What does that mean?
    That the order in which you practice the exercises doesn't really matter? Or maybe, given enthusiasm in babbis' thread, even that stretching AFTER jelq could be even better?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thinking to change to babbis routine right now!


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    Well Big Al swears by jelqing before stretching and there is not many people who knows more than Al. The majority of Big Al's clients make great gains rather quickly. Personally and this is my own opinion of course, i think that intense stretching before jelqs may cause early fatigue and result in the jelqing to be less effective.
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      yes i am also confused now.I have been doing the stretching before the jelqs with a very light stretch to wind down.
      all this is done in the shower.After stretching i turn the water off then jelq then turn the water on again to warm down with a slight stretch.
      After reading the jelq before i tried it and i jelqued with the water on
      I was nice and plump
      I then done my stretching and by the end of it my plumpness had diminished.
      I thought i read somewhere that big Al had said that you want to keep the plumpness as long as possible
      so a bit confused


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        I think Viper gave you some good advice.
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          Stretching can kill your EQ. Sometimes it makes it hard to keep that 'ideal' amount of blood in there.
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            Originally posted by NP97 View Post
            Stretching can kill your EQ. Sometimes it makes it hard to keep that 'ideal' amount of blood in there.
            EQ? You mean EG?
            Anyways i do it first and last think before finishing. I don't know why but it feels right.
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              well I'm doing PESG routine I'm diong exactly what he has done. There are some days my EQ is not good because of stretching then Jeqling but I fix it by kegeling a couple times. That has always helped me .


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                my opinion
                all respect to our veterans who went through loads of trial and error for this to be succesfull ofcourse,
                stretching before or after i believe has pros and cons like everything else, allthough in the "big picture" i dont think its essential, you will still gain.
                will you gain less if u stretch before? no...
                vice versa? no...
                i have a hard time believing that u will loose out on gains when followed any routine properly
                its all about adapting your physic, if u started out pre-stretch prior to PE no point in changing.
                this is still a highly debatable subject, pros and cons i can think of
                pre stretch ligaments is nice and loose for jelqing more tissue to expand blood in
                after stretch the blood u work around in your dick has lesser tissue to work with
                so... more insight and point of views is defenetly needed here
                but by all means if your on a routine and it works for u i see absolutely no point in altering it.
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                  i prefer streching first


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                    Stretching can kill EQ? I am very confused now. So it is required for growth but it affects negatively EQ? I've read that elsewhere, that stretching your ligaments can at least reduce the angle of your erection. So is that true?

                    Let's pause that and talk again about doing it before or after jelq, this is even more confusing now. "Big Al" says to keep the penis plumped, so some advice to stretch it before jelq, because afterwards, it kills plumping. "Big Al" does stretches after jelqs anyhow; there must be a reason why, but this is so contradictory. I wonder *which* reason is that.
                    I can only say that I tried strecth after jelq for the first time just some minute ago in today's session - trying babbis - and that I just found it less practical: being wet from the lubricants after the jelqs, the grip was slippy. But, babbis also says "mild stretches" so that was enough overall anyway, that must be said.

                    So I still can't choose. There are tons of routines that states to stretch before, and some that does it after, and all of them have proved to be effective to someone that I'm wondering if it makes a difference at all or not.

                    Now I'm rather thinking if it is good or not overall. I mean, I know that it is for growth. But reading that lines about erection quality loss scared me. I don't want EQ loss, even if I can "fix" it with kegels. I'd rather want my johnson small as it is (darn bastard) but hard as a rock.

                    Oh hell.
                    Any thoughts?

                    Thanks guys.
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                      I always stretch AFTER jelqing because the tissues have already been stretched & eased into a more pliable state.


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                        20-30 min jelq
                        2-4hrs in extender
                        Whenever i can (never more than 3 days in a row but)


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                          Hold on a sec... warming up before hand as I do with a heat pad on high for 15 minutes... isn't THIS going to loosen up those ligs? But then I stretch... jelq... stretch.... warm down. After reading this thread it makes sense to stretch after jelqs then warm down because I loosened up with the heat before hand. Just from the heat I go to 6 to 6+ inches flaccid hang which tells me those ligs are loose.

                          Maybe light stretches in the beginning and the more intense after? If you run track you don't just start out sprinting... you work up to it right... to avoid injury... so why stretch intensely first? I got some thinking to do... Great thread.
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                            In my experience, I've found that doing any significant stretching after jelqing is very difficult for me because of how thick my cock is after jelqing and it's a bit fatiguing for my hands as well. My hands are plenty big enough and I can grab just fine but it takes some doing to get just the right grip to make the stretch effective. Any stretching I do after jelqing is usually base stretching where grip isn't that much of a concern (coincidentally, it seems as if those stretches are actually helping my base girth as well ...). When I get a stretching device to assist in my stretching, I may try doing it afterwards and see how it helps.
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                              I have always done a long warm-up, which gets my penis in the right condition (30 % to 50 % erect) for a good jelqing session. The stretching can come later.
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