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Condom conundrum.

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  • Condom conundrum.


    Finally, the lady and I decide to actually have protected sex.

    First time in a long time using a condom, my lsat relationship, she was on the pill.

    We started fooling around and started penetration sans condom no problem at all.

    Then disaster.

    She said she bought condoms that would fit, standard magnums. I was flattered, but in putting it on it was tight, and I couldn't feel A THING. It felt like I was having sex with a cloud.

    I lost my erection and admitted defeat, telling her I couldn't feel anything. Even pulling the condom off while flaccid was a task.

    Couple seconds after the condom came off, Optimus Prime decided to transform, and we started at it again. No condom, no problem.

    Is this a size of condom problem? Or have I tasted the forbidden fruit of pure sex and can't go back?

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    It could be a size issue, although it's hard to tell without knowing your stats. For some guys, wearing a condom is an instant erection killer, no matter how well it fits.


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      Oh! Sorry about that.

      Bpel: 7.9
      Eg: 6.0 uniform across the entire length, the head being larger.


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        I would try a larger condom with that size.
        Measurements (Current):
        BPEL: 7.25"
        HG: ~6.25"|MEG:6.25"|Low shaft EG:6.5"|BG: 7"


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          Although I was looking for condoms with a thicker base, I received some good advice in this thread which you may find useful too:

          I'm surprised you found a Magnum to be unbearably tight though. You might want to try out Magnum XL's.


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            While I am not sure how well they would fit you, I have found that the trojan thin tensity line is pretty good. They are very thin and was the closest thing I could find to going bareback. After years, upon years, of no condom, the wife has gone off the pill and is getting the esure thing done, so in the mean time its back to the younger days.

            On a flipside, I tried a lifestyles condom, and literally could not feel a thing, but it was a bit tighter too.
            My log:


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              Wow, what a source of information, thanks Midnight. I had no clue that even the Xl has a base width of less than 6.


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                I have a girth of 6" and I've always found magnum xl's to be the best. no issues with slipping.

                i tried one of those trojan "twister" condoms in the standard magnum size, and the parts of the condom which were supposed to fit loosely where the only parts that fit correctly.
                Starting Stats 9-23-10: BPEL 7" EG 6"
                Goal: Eventually 8" in BPEL, but I'm happy with any gains.


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                  I used to find large fit great when I was 5.5" eg, now I am over 6" girth they are not comfortable. I suggest members 6" girth plus at least try magnum xl or similar.


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                    As i was thinking of ordering magnum xl over the web I checked the size amd it is indeed big in length ,head girth and mid girth. However it is not that big in base girth. Durex have an xxl condom which is extreamly long . Lifestyles(Ansell) large fit which I was using, but now lack some girth ,have apparently changed names to Kingsize xl without changing the actual size. Going to have a look at avanti later.


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                      I guess I never considered base girth. I am actually widest at about 3/4 of the way down, a bit before the head. Magnum xls fully unroll down and stay in place
                      Starting Stats 9-23-10: BPEL 7" EG 6"
                      Goal: Eventually 8" in BPEL, but I'm happy with any gains.


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                        Squince! Just posting to say you are so lucky man! Your starting stats are my long term goals!!


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                          Youre above average, also. Youll be able to hit 7x6.
                          Starting Stats 9-23-10: BPEL 7" EG 6"
                          Goal: Eventually 8" in BPEL, but I'm happy with any gains.


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                            I have had a talk on the phone with both Durex and Ansell the 2 biggest condom makers. They both act clueless about their own product and seem to want to pat me on the head and send me on my way.


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                              I have the same reaction to regular condoms. I never understood it. I used Magnums and it was so much more comfortable. My EG is 5.6 so I think you need a bigger condom.