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  • Fix curve?

    hey guys, wanting to get some advice on how to fix a curved penis. My penis curves to the left a fair bit and i want to straighten it out. It doesnt cause me any discomfort but would really like to get it sorted.

    What are the basic PE techniques people have used to correct curvature? Has anyone know or used silicone sleeves, extenders, to correct this?

    any feedback appreciated!

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    Some guys managed to correct curves by doing PE but you've got to know that it takes time, maybe more than to grow your penis...
    Have a look a t this thread, you might find them helpful:
    Some jelq against the curve for example and I think that hanging can do it too (but this is an advanced technique to consider only when you are conditionned).
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      It looks like normalguy already gave the links (and the advice) I would give you
      My progress journal / useful PE links