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Good deal! I hope it works for you.

Right now I am using some manual exercises along with my extender. If you want a detailed look at my routine, here is a link.

Monkey Bar's web site is Autoextender Penis Enlargement Device
Here is Hobby Lobby's Hobby Lobby : Home Page

Hey Iguana!
I have been doing a combination of Sizegenetics extender and manual PE since October end. I measured today and learnt that I gained about an inch or maybe a bit more. My BPEL is close to 6.5 now! from a crappy 5-5.5 in October. Sadly I broke my comfort strap today (one would expect better quality with a 380$ pricetag). Sizegenetics site doesn't sell spares. X4 sells the entire kit and its pretty expensive. Am desperate for a substitue asap. Any suggestions?
More importantly I followed your routine and noticed you gave up on using the penismaster after a while and switched to pure manual PE even though you gained plenty. Any particular reason you did that?

Thank-You ever so kindly for being my inspiration. Posts from you and other senior members keep us newbies going at desperate times like these....