I am approaching the end of three months with the JP90. It's been a great program and I can tell that I am progressing at a good rate! However, within the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing a slight burning sensation when jelqing. Maybe I am just too agreesive and using too much force when jelqing? At the conclusion of the program, I edge for another 10 minutes, if possible. I would like to edge longer, however I feel like my unit is going explode, (a good thing). I have tried masterbating before edging, but then I experience difficulties in getting erect. Since I have privacy issues, I cannot always wait it out.

I stretch on my off days. I do night and morning fowlers almost everyday. I also do 200 - 300 kegels per day. Previously, I had a problem obtaining 100% erection, maybe + 70%. However, I have noticed recently that my erections are improving and are at an estimated 80%. I would really like to get to 100%, for my first official 3 month measurements. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I eat fairly healthy and I work out in a gym on a regular basis. I have cut my coffee intake to two cups in the morning. I drink about 2 cups of erection tea daily. Any advise would be appreciated!