After on/off PE sessions in the past years I decided to be serious about it and to go for another ride hoping to be persistence enough and eventually gain - I take it as a challenge and a good way to develop self-discipline : )

I've been following JP's routine, knowing I need to re-adjust my self to the tension and the work.

On the fourth day, after the V-Jelqs I had a bump (lump-like) in the middle of shaft on the right side. I know that this is probably due to too much pressure and will loosen my grip in the future.
My concern is that it has been about 2 days and the "lump" is still there. It looks like it's diminishing but it's still there.

I experienced the "donut effect" (fluids/edema) in the past years and it feels similar but it usually lasted less than a few hours and was equally disbursed. It doesn't hurt, I get great erections (morning, sometimes at night) and everything seems to function perfectly OK. It's just that it's still there.
Of course I stopped PE for now.
Does anyone think I should be concerned or is it something that will go away in a week/month or so? what's your input on this? how long should I wait before doing PE again?

Thanks for your input!

Note: I decided to write in this forum because is the friendliest I ever encountered. People don't tend to judge users quickly. So please, I learned my lesson with not gripping too hard, no need to tell me how stupid I am