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Hello! Fellow PE'er wanting to gain gain gain gain etc etc (you get the point) ;)

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  • Hello! Fellow PE'er wanting to gain gain gain gain etc etc (you get the point) ;)

    Hello fellas!

    I come to PEgym with hopes of attaining that thick meat stick we all desire. A little back story is mandatory, I believe. It all started when I was around 15 years old, when boys and their cliques started experimenting with girls and having innocent fun. My buddies and I were no different, dreaming of nailing girls with huge knockers and always trying to one up each other. Being young, we tend to be naive and have that feeling of exploration creep up on us all the time. We've all compared cock sizes with our friends, it's natural, (well, at least I hope it is ) but when you're a grower instead of a shower AND with a poor flaccid size (pencil dick look-a-like), you can be ridiculed by your friends.

    Being of African descent, my friends always thought I had the biggest penis size, unfortunately I didn't. I'm not small but at the same time i'm not HUGE, I sport a 6.75 x 5.1 meat whistle. My best friend, who still makes fun of my unit to this day, is one girthy mofo from what I quickly seen in the past, maybe around 5.6 girth and is always bragging that his top half cant fit into a toilet roll.. my cock can go in but it's a very close fit.

    To clear any confusion, I'm not here to gain size and play the "lets see your cock" game with my friends, i'm 21 and too old for that. But what I CAN do is gain for self satisfaction, doing PE will help me attain that. I will start JP's 3 month beginner program and hopefully my journey will start from there.

    Wish me luck, brethren.
    Starting Measurements
    EL: 6.75
    EG: 5.1

    Goal - 8 X 6, better flaccid hang & thicker wang.

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    Welcome to PEgym mate your defenetly on the right track, you hang in there your bound to see something good out of this.
    I know by heart i finally found the diamond (PEgym)
    Progress tips and tricks/pics added


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      Welcome and good luck


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        Good lcuck you will soon be hooked.
        8/7/13 6x4.75
        11/5/13 7.125x5.3
        12/2/13 7 3/8 x 5.3

        Lendog log


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          Hey man, good to have you. You're a little bigger than me in both dimensions so let me offer a little advice. You have a nice unit and no matter what you see or think you're bigger than average! That being said, you've got something to lose so PLEASE be careful! If anything seems weird or off take a break, definitely any pain - take a break. I'm redoing JP90 as well, so lets keep each other in check lol. If you haven't created a log, head over to the Progress Forum and I'll leave you some weekly comments. Good luck!

          My Loggy Log


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            Welcome and good luck m8!